Govt urged to curb fake seeds, inputs

Government has been called upon to come up with stringent measures to stop the increasing trade in counterfeit farm inputs by unscrupulous companies and traders all over the country.
The call was made by Budaka District chairperson, Arthur Wako Mboizi, during the district’s budget conference held recently. He urging farmers in the district, especially those from rural areas, to be on the alert of these unscrupulous input dealers.

Strengthen Act
“The government and other partners should clamp down on such companies found to be dealing in fake seeds because farmer have lost millions in buying such products,” said Mboizi.
“We urge them to be on the alert, and also for government to act on the matter. We believe by strengthening the Seed Act, matters of fake seeds will be history.”
He explained that most farmers are growing various crops amidst challenges of fake seeds on the market.
“Government should provide standards to regulate and control production, processing, sale, importation and testing and further to provide for the certification of seeds in order to counter the increasing supply of fake seeds on the market,” he explained.
The focus should also be on local seed entrepreneurship, the links between formal and informal seed systems, and creating an enabling environment to ensure local businesses to flourish.
Most farmers are purchasing fake seeds that neither improve production nor withstand diseases. “Companies dealing in seeds and farm inputs are doing us an injustice,” Mboizi said.
Counterfeit seeds or farm inputs have been on the rise in recent years, following the liberalisation of the sector. However, it is not only Uganda but in neighbouring countries, which are also combating the issue.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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