Govt schools not given second term cash

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Public schools have not received capitation grants from government for the second term that opened late May and closes in a fortnight. Now school leaders have cried out saying the financial shortfall they have found themselves in has made operations difficult and could jeopardise academic performance of pupils. apitation grants from government help public schools meet operational costs, purchase scholastic materials and organise co-curricular activities. Some schools have said to remain afloat they had to incur debts. “We are stuck as a matter of fact,” Mr Jackson Buzu, the head teacher of Acebu Primary School in Arua District, said yesterday. “Our day-to-day activities have largely been affected. We have no money to buy scholastic materials and conducting co-curricular activities. We have had to borrow in order to make ends meet. We keep wondering what has happened to government,” Mr Buzu said.Mr Gilbert Olanya, a teacher at Bweyale Secondary school in Masindi District, warned that because of shortage of funds, schools could close for holidays earlier than the stipulated date. “We have never received any money for this term and the school is doing badly. They are saying there is a delay in processing the funds and we don’t know how long it will take. Parents of schools in villages don’t have money to compliment,” Mr Olanya said.

stronParliament’s takestronThere was a heated debate in Parliament last Thursday over the issue causing enraged MPs to call for an investigation into the matter. The state minister for Finance, Mr Matia Kasaija, said a supplementary budget for the capitation grants was not approved by Parliament in the financial year 201314 causing the delay. The ministry of Education requested all local government accounting officers to submit authenticated enrolment details of studentsupils for all grant-aided institutions for validation which also delayed the release of funds, Mr Kasaija explained.But MPs accused the minister of lying to Parliament as they called for a probe into the matter. “For the minister to say we did not approve this money which is the reason capitation grant was not sent to schools is a lie because by the time a supplementary Budget is brought to Parliament, all the money has been released to spending agencies. Is the minister in order to come here and tell us lies,” asked Tororo County MP Goeffrey Ekanya.arliament has given government up to tomorrow (Tuesday) to explain the whereabouts of more than Shs42 billion MPs allocated for capitation grants for second Term in the 201314 budget.

stronAbout capitation grantstronapitation grants from government help public schools meet operational costs, purchase scholastic materials and organise co-curricular activities. The money is disbursed to schools benefitting from government’s free Universal Primary Education, Universal Secondary School education and Universal Post A level Education and Training programme every term.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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