Govt Halts Mulago Salary Deductions

The ministry of Public Service has ordered Mulago hospital to stop unexplained deductions from workers’ salaries.

In a November 26 letter to Mulago’s accounts department, the ministry suspended deductions “under code 276” until the matter is resolved. The order follows complaints from nurses and other hospital employees about unexplained deductions from their pay.

“In order to have the matter resolved, you are requested to undertake the following: a) identify employees on your payroll who prior to November 2014 had payroll deductions under code 276 and confirm the right union to which they subscribe,” said the letter, signed by Herbert Kiguli, on behalf of the permanent secretary.

According to the Mulago hospital public relations officer, Enock Kusasira, the deductions were due to mistakes made by the ministry of Public Service payment computer data system for Makerere University and Mulago hospital staff that have a similar code of payment.

“The monthly deduction of salaries was conducted on people working with the National Union of Education Institution Code 276 in Makerere University. But since most staff in Mulago hospital share a similar code 276 for payment, they were affected too,” he said.

However, some of the affected workers who spoke to The Observer last week said since the ministry of Finance handed over payments of civil servants to the department of Finance in Mulago hospital, they started experiencing the problem.

“I was supposed to be paid Shs 700,000 but they paid me Shs 500,000 without explaining why they deducted Shs 200,000 and yet I don’t have a loan in the bank. This is corruption. They are eating our money,” said one of the workers, who declined to be named.

In an effort to remedy the problem, Kusasira said the Public Service ministry has also requested the accounts and human resource department of Mulago hospital to refund the wrongly-deducted salaries for this financial year 201415 as arrears during data capture for the months of December 2014 or January 2015.

According to Kusasira, the hospital has aised the affected trade unions to submit lists of their affected members to the ministry of Public Service to enable the computerisation of deductions upon allocation of new codes.

Source : The Observer

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