Govt Checks Gossip At Work

Using social media is now a popular means of communication but the government does not want public sector workers to use it to the detriment of official duties.

The Directorate of Information and National Guidance has developed a set of new guidelines and rules to facilitate the proper usage of social media.

Richard Obita, a Standards Officer at the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA)-U said last week, the rules will limit misuse and consequently the consequences of its misuse.

He said, “The government recognizes the importance of information and communication technology in economic development it however laments its misuse in the past years. Therefore these guidelines will enable the abolishment of internet misuse.”

Obita said the government was still leveling ground through formulation and implementation of policies and regulations aimed at regulating misuse of social media.

Government departments must now ensure their employees do not comments on social media without authorization.

Public servants are not allowed to publish personal opinions on official media accounts, and the guidelines demand authorized persons identify themselves when publishing content in official capacity as part of their work.

“The guidelines deny discussion of government related topic, personal use of social media in the government, mixing official work and personal lives, unacceptable use of social media among others.” he said.

He also called upon Ugandans to choose appropriate social media tools, because simply picking and using the sites can become counterproductive if it’s not suitable for the intended purpose.

Obita said, “Planning to use social media should be done as part of a wider effort to determine an agency’s engagement strategy. Once an agency understands its engagement strategy, it can determine which social media tool best meets its needs.”

The government has put in place a communication strategy which provides a framework for government to build its capacity to aance social-economic transformation through effective communication.

The strategy also intends to make government provide media leadership to fast moving issues

This was revealed last week during the inaugural launch of the Social Media Summit scheduled to take place on November 26th.

The highly customized session will focus how brands and government entities can harness social media for service delivery , dissemination of information , community engagement , marketing, social reputation , community how brands and government entities can harness social media for service delivery , dissemination of information , community engagement , marketing, social reputation , community building and aocacy.

Collin Mugume a worker at Intensity Technologies Limited the summit will highlight cutting edge techniques and technologies, innovation strategies, best practices solution, monitoring and measurement tools to achieve desirable results.

the summits main aim is to bring together over 250 delegates from the government, SME, corporate and NGO sector for learning and sharing best practices on harnessing the potential of social media to do more and better for governance, business , SME’s and Ugandans .

Summit is billed to showcase best practices in strategy execution and ideation from within Uganda and across the world.

Source : East African Business Week

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