Goodbye, World Cup

I watched my first match of the just-concluded World Cup on Sunday, for obvious reasons.

No, not because it was an epic final between powerhouses Germany and Argentina but, rather, in the hope that Germany would repeat its semi-final 7-1 performance against Brazil. Now, that is my kind of match! I have always said the only reason I don’t like football is because unlike basketball or tennis (my favourite) the scores are never guaranteed.

How do I watch a game for 113 minutes (Sunday, case in point) without any ball touching the net?!

The Germany-Brazil one was perfect for me. When I woke up to the news that the final score was 7-1, I kicked myself for not staying up to watch the game. I mean, finally, a football game where someone scores every time he approaches the goal posts with a ball. So Sunday I stayed up, hoping Die Mannschaft would top that Brazil thingy instead, they almost gave me a heart attack, hitting the goal posts, sending the ball soaring wide and high, and even spilling blood on that pitch.

Sigh I am not a football person. Confirmed, signed and sealed.

And you can imagine the state of my household, where I am the person who understands football the most. At one point, I paused in the middle of my many explanations on what ‘offside’ is, why a goal was cancelled and why Germany is the best team, to smile at what a fly on the wall would think listening in.

My fellow fans made me sound like Mark Ssali in that living room! One of them was dozing and kept jumping awake and cursing, each time I screamed at a near-goal. The other kept switching allegiance, depending on who looked like they were winning the World Cup at that point, and the other, like me, wished the referee would stop blowing his whistle every time someone took a tumble, and just let someone score a goal, already.

But I am glad I watched. One, I was supporting Deutschland – hooray! – and then, the sight of those Argentina fans weeping in the stands like they had lost a grandmother was priceless not to mention entertaining. I should have got popcorn. But well, may our lives return to normal now, please. Amen.

And just a thought: could we as Uganda find a sport we are really good at and specialise?

Football…after missing 20 World Cup tournaments, isn’t it about time we explored our strengths, if any? I mean, I don’t know if India has ever fielded a football team for the World Cup, but we all know her for cricket. Same applies to the West Indies’ cricket prowess, or New Zealand with their rugby and the Kenyans at long distance races.

Now, good old UG? We play cricket, football, rugby, wood ball, basketball, handball, netball, athletics, tennis, swimming, mweso, ludo, shot put, name it… But of those, what are we really feared for? None. Specialise, somebody!

I wish corruption were a sport!

Source : The Observer

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