Gondaliya Pulls Off a Successful First

When The Observer was invited for Paresh Gondaliya and Aron Zziwa’s The Superstition that premiered at the National Theatre last Tuesday, the anticipation for a real Ugandan story was high.

Paresh Gondaliya is a businessman with an eye for film. After getting adequate training as well as saving enough, he set off to fulfill his dream – making movies. The film is written by his co-director, Zziwa, who isa also part of the cast.

This multi-race cast movie kicks off with a boy running to save his life, but his legs soon fail him and he is captured by a gang. From the beginning you will be mesmerized by the wide imagination of the director of photography quite captivating even though it does not deliver much of a message at times.

The story goes on to introduce us to Wawuyo (Rogers Masaba), a former security personnel that has just returned from Iraq. Sadly, he comes back to a home that his wife Adrina (Grace Mbabazi) had turned into a brothel, on top of misusing his savings.

Superstition is a very bold story tackling an issue that has lived with us. It builds suspense with the audience rooting for the boy in the opening shot to run or take a boda boda so that he is not captured. It is hard to believe this is actually Gondaliya’s first full-length film it comes with many rare shots from those of the city centre, construction sites and imaginative aerial views. The picture is indeed worth the Shs 30m spent.

The movie that also stars Jayant Maru was well-received by the public who noted that with such great acting, the local industry was on the right path.

“It’s my first time to see such a touching [Ugandan] movie like this!” said Susan Akello, a fan.

Source : The Observer

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