Godi Accuses FDC of Abandoning Him

Convicted of murdering his wife in 2008, former Arua Municipality MP Akbar Godi has hit out at the FDC for abandoning him in Luzira prison, in an emotional “open letter to Ugandans”.

Godi is currently in the Supreme court challenging the 25-year jail sentence handed down to him by the High court for murdering his wife Rehema Caesar Nasur in 2008. On February 11, 2011, High court judge Lawrence Gidudu found Godi guilty of killing his wife, who he allegedly shot fatally, with a pistol at Lukojjo in Nama sub-county, Mukono district. Last year, the Court of Appeal upheld both his conviction and sentence.

In his four-page letter, Godi, who says he has kept his emotions under lock since his detention, alleges that FDC officials have abandoned him yet they know he was jailed not because he killed his wife but because he was an opposition stalwart.

“It only dawned on me that I must correct some false impressions for I believe, a man must not swallow his cough because he fears to disturb others,” Godi writes.

He says FDC has not looked after him and paid his legal bills as the public has been falsely led to believe.

“I have been alone from the start of the trial. I have always been alone. To date, a total of eight lawyers have represented me, this came with its toll,” he says.

“For representing me, law firms have been deregistered, others withdrew, citing threats to their lives one [lawyer] suspiciously told the Supreme court justices he was unable to proceed and kept reasons to himself when he had fully been paid,” he claims.

Godi claims no single top FDC official has attended his court appearances to show solidarity.

“Dr [Kizza] Besigye [former president] and FDC leadership have chosen to abandon me in jail yet I am one of them. They don’t support me with lawyers, not even visiting me apart from Hon(s) Odonga Otto, Baba Diri, yes the blind one from Koboko district. The only time Dr Besigye appeared in Luzira is when his aide Sam Mugumya was here for treason,” he said.

“I sometimes ask what am I fighting for but I console myself that my top party leaders herein “Abantu baffe” could be those “Zizza Bafana [singer] “meant in his touching song,” he says.

Interviewed for a comment on Tuesday, Francis Mwijukye, a former aide to Besigye and an outspoken FDC activist, said FDC as a party cannot help Godi much because his case is not political.

“Godi’s case is about the murder of his wife. If it was about say a by-election, then FDC as a party would have come in. But now he has to rely on individual friends within FDC, but not FDC as a party,” Mwijukye said.

But Godi insists he is in Luzira because he has been trapped in a complex web of conflict between President Museveni, Besigye and his uncle Major Gen Ali Bamuze, who Museveni thinks is his father. He says that since he is an FDC member, Bamuze fears to visit him in jail because that may thwart his promotion prospects in the army.

“President Museveni feels I betrayed his trust since it was State House that paid my tuition at university.

To make matters worse I joined the opposition. But now the FDC leadership and Besigye have chosen to abandon me,” he says.

But Godi insists he will stay with FDC. He argues that when he was jailed, the late South African President Nelson Mandela was abandoned by ANC officials but he never left the party. On Monday, Supreme court justices Bart Katureebe, Galdino Okello, Jotham Tumwesigye, John Wilson Nattubu Tsekooko and Christine Kitumba said they would deliver their ruling on notice.

Source : The Observer

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