Gifts that we actually want

Ladies, let’s be honest and agree to agree that it is not easy to get a man a gift he actually likes. First, such said gift is likely to be very expensive, more expensive than you are willing to spend even if you had the money.

Two, the said gift seems to be unnecessary and to you, childish so you wouldn’t understand why he would even want it in the first place, him being a full grown adult. So, you end up buying him a shirt, or a belt or a spray, the same things that you bought him last year. We are tired of this. Please, stop. We only pretend to be thrilled about them but our minds are miles away.

So this year, how about you stop being stingy and or uncreative and get him something he will like. Like the following things (insert smiley face)
A laptop: Don’t grumble yet, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If he already has one, then buy him an even better one. Might cost you a bit, but you are looking after his personal and work interests.

Jewellery box: Why is this surprising? You never even thought of that, did you? Where do you want him to keep his cuff-links, watch, and the other things when he’s not wearing them? In your jewellery box?

Document holder: Now you are showing progressiveness. If he is the type of man that does meetings and presentation, he will really appreciate this. Now you can be part of his business meetings too.

A watch: Not a cheap one. Save up for this one and make it worthwhile. Otherwise the effort will be wasted. Get one that he will hand down to your son.

A wallet: This can be tricky. Men get personal with their wallets, and it’s not a question of how good the thing looks. It has seen him through tough times. I would aise you to proceed with caution on this one. If you do, make it genuine leather.

A coffee mug: I love coffee. I would love to have my coffee in a mug that she gave me. It’s like double pleasure, and I can’t wait to get back home to her and her coffee mug. That is until we break up and I have to break it. But, let’s cross that bridge…

A gaming station. A PlayStation or an x-box would make my Christmas. We never quite outgrow playing, for your information. Don’t even try to understand this one. You can also cuddle with him and enjoy high-definition Blu-ray movies on it. This is definitely the one if he doesn’t already have one.
Disclaimer the next one is not for any one.

A sports car: I warned you. An ordinary car is a nice gift for any man, but it’s easy to miss the point with men and cars. But not with a sports car. Watch your usually timid man bring out the beast in him, roaring down our dusty streets in that thing that you got a bank loan to get him. Now isn’t that love? Or is it?

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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