Germany Donates 400 Cattle for Eid Al-Adhuha

The Germany-based Hasene Organization, through their local partners HEAR Uganda, are donating 400 head of cattle for Ugandan Muslims to slaughter for Eid al-Aduha on October 4 to 6.

During Eid al-Aduha, Muslims commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s trials and commands from Allah, and slaughter animals in remembrance. HEAR Uganda’s Vice Chairman Ahmad Sentamu said they have already drawn up a list of beneficiaries in different parts of the country.

“It includes slum dwellers, orphanages and schools, refugee communities, mosques and widows. Last year, Hasene also distributed 354 cows under a similar arrangement,” he said.

Hasene through HEAR Uganda is also sponsoring 398 orphans in different primary schools in Uganda. Sentamu said the number is likely to increase next year. Hasene has been participating in various humanitarian efforts in Uganda since 2011.

Source : The Observer

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