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Christakis Fitidis has been inactive for the bigger part of the year.
However, after testing his Evo 6 car last Sunday, Fitidis feels he is ready for the Champions Sprint on Boxing Day.
The season’s final event will be staged at Festino Cite.
“I prefer to take on a fellow Mzee (veteran) driver like Wycliff Bukenya,” Fitidis told Daily Monitor. “I am just coming back after the operation I had last December so I am not after winning. I just want to come and enjoy,” he added.
Badru Ssebunya, the clerk of the course, has said he is drawing up the start list but drivers will have an option of challenging anyone they feel like. “There are rules but we also have to give fans some entertainment,” Ssebunya said. Since the launch last week, drivers have come out talking big about the drivers they want to be paired with.
Fred Wampamba has a score to settle with Black Widow, both driving Subaru N8 cars while sprint championship leader Shafiq Ssemujju wants to take on Ronald Ssebuguzi or Duncan Mubiru.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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