General Sejusa – 14 Months Later…

In the wake of his flight to London, United Kingdom, last year I wrote in this space that I doubted Sejusa’s ability to topple this government and his democratic credentials.

I even speculated that Sejusa could be a mole sent to UK to gather intelligence from the gullible NRM malcontents and other opposition members. Well, his being a mole has not been proven, but for sure, his inability to bring change that this country desires and his erratic character is too notorious for everyone to notice.

Sejusa’s declarations in London verged on treason and as result many of his younger followers, were arrested, detained and some have never even been tried. They are wasting away in unknown detention centres, while the general is being treated like a prodigal son!

Here is what I wrote on October 6, 2013:

What if everything we ‘know’ about renegade General David Tinyefuza (Sejusa) is wrong?

Sejusa is breathing fire and apparently he has appointed himself a new messiah for sinking Uganda. He is ‘organising’ to overthrow the legitimately-elected National Resistance Movement (NRM) government led by President Yoweri Museveni.

Indeed, old habits die hard! He did it in 1980s when he and others joined the guerilla outfit, the NRA, which was led by his now nemesis General Museveni , to overthrow an elected Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) government led by Dr Apollo Milton Obote.

He succeeded in disorganising that government which, prior to their victory, one of Obote’s generals, Tito Okello Lutwa, overthrew in 1985. Now Sejusa is convincing the world that he can do what Okello did to Dr Obote in 1980s. Unfortunately for Tinye, he is past the sale- by date for many reasons. First, Tinye is not known to have any democratic credentials.

If whatever has been claimed by Tinye was said or claimed by any other officer or general, it would have had more currency and following. All the years Tinye has been in the position of authority, his currency has been to lead with an iron fist. Tinye is as intolerant to criticism as the person he is accusing of dictatorship.

His record in northern Uganda, where he led an offensive against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), is littered with tales of torture, false imprisonment, and many other things. He even proudly said that war was not like patronising Sheraton hotel. Imagine if all those things had been claimed by an officer of impeccable character like Gen Katumba Wamala or even former Chief of Defence Forces Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

Perhaps people would have believed them. Sejusa’s wobbly character does not endear him to some people, including the officers in the army. In the 1990s, Tinye criticised Museveni for being a dictator and even attempted to leave the army through a court process.

He said he could not be enslaved to work in the army and that he had lost faith in the institution. Some Ugandans believed in him and others were even willing to turn a blind eye to his earlier transgressions in the north. He betrayed this faith when he later turned to Museveni after he fell on hard times, apologised and told the president that he had been misled.

He was rehabilitated and put back into the army. He was given a juicy docket as the coordinator of intelligence services. This was followed by promotions from major general to lieutenant general and later to full general. Again during this time, Tinye executed his duty with the ruthlessness one could muster. The desecration of the High court by the infamous Black Mambas, was partly superintended by him.

Now he is attributing this incident to the higher offices in the judiciary and executive. Since he is prone to being misled by others, how can one be sure that this time he means what he says?

It is not possible for Tinye to turn from the biblical Saul into St Paul. Besides, the long stay in power by Museveni and all those political manipulations he has engineered have gone a long way to convince Ugandans that the “bush” option is no longer viable.

Whoever goes to the bush, would turn into a dictator and ensure that he ‘superglues’ himself in power. Besides, when one looks at the people Tinye is sourcing for war, they are in their sunset years.

I don’t think Tinye can even stand the harshness of the bush for twelve months. But the most important question to me is this: what if Tinye is Museveni’s red herring? What if he is on the mission to gather information from those who would like to fight Museveni militarily?

He is capable of doing it. Indeed, as you saw, in the aftermath of his flight to UK, that many veterans confessed as being approached by him with the view of changing government. This showed Museveni what the veterans thought about him and what they were capable of doing.

All this was possible because of Tinye’s work. So we can’t rule it out that a creative intelligence gatherer, Tinye, made contact with veterans in order to find out whether they were capable of being organized into a rebel movement, on behalf of his appointing authority.

That very fear was also expressed by another renegade officer, Col Samson Mande. Unfortunately Ugandans are often so gullible and excitable!

The author is the business development director, The Observer Media Ltd.

Source : The Observer

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