Gen Museveni’s Political Toddlers Are Just Hyenas [opinion]

The retreat “preacher” was none other than the NRM Chairman and President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. I can’t claim to know the chronology of events as they unfolded at Kyankwanzi, but what I know is that on the first day Museveni warned members against forming cliques and intrigue within NRM.

Whether he meant what he said, your guess is as good as mine, because what happened at Kyankwanzi and thereafter at State House Entebbe tells a different story. On the second day, the “honourable” members were entertained with a guided tour around Rwamandi Abasonga presidential farm in Ngoma sub-county in Nakaseke district, where a sumptuous meal was served.

Instead of moving a vote of thanks to Museveni for the lavish meal, the adoring girl, Evelyn Anite, on behalf of her clique, surprised many when she read out a resolution to have the president as a sole candidate of NRM in the 2016 elections. A very democratic move indeed!

Did the passing of the resolution and subsequent voting on it take place in the right forum, by the right people? Or was it a clique usurping the powers of other organs?

If I were Museveni, I would have told those avaricious and self-obsessed people who proposed him to be sole candidate: “I tell you most solemnly, you have not proposed and endorsed me as the sole flag bearer for 2016 elections because of what I have done for Uganda but because of the lavish meal of meat and drinks I have offered you and what I have been giving you whenever I meet you, like in State House, Rwakitura and other places.

Also, I know your expectations from me like promotions, appointments and above all financial assistance in view of 2016 elections. Do not work for things that cannot last but for things that endure and benefit all Ugandans. Such things God Himself, has set his seal.”(John 6:26-27).

I hope President Museveni is still wise enough to discern that these dangerous political dilettanti are only working for capital B, which in our language Rukiga stands for: Bandeebe, Bankunde, Baamanye, Bansiime, Bankuze kandi Bampembe.

Translated into English it means: I want to be seen, to be loved, to be known or recognized, to be thanked or appreciated, to be promoted or appointed, and to be rewarded. Evelyn Anite, Peter Ogwang and company are political hyenas who want political meat. Theirs is greed for political power, money and they know where the source is. In short they don’t love Uganda, NRM and Museveni but themselves.

Do Anite, Ogwang and their Club 9 think that Museveni loves them more than he does Amama Mbabazi? The seeming love they have for Museveni is just puppy love. Museveni knows that among the people of voting age, the youths are majority. He knows that they are energetic and agile. He is aware of what they need (money in sacks or envelopes). So he is prepared to do what it takes to lure them to his side.

He is using the adoring girl and her Club 9 to fish other youths. Museveni has enough hooks and nets to catch these unsuspecting youth. My patriotic and sympathetic aice to them is that they must demand for hooks and nets, but not fish.

We have a saying in Rukiga that Ekiihire embwa nkuru aha koome, ekibwana tikibwanabwanaho, which means that what has chased the old dog away from the fire place, a puppy cannot play there.

On another day, the caucus backed Museveni’s proposal to scrap bail on homosexuality, defilement and rape, as if they are the main causes of Uganda’s problems. What, however, surprised many Ugandans was the silence from the mover of the motion and its backers on institutionalised corruption, which is responsible for the chronic poverty and poor service delivery.

It is clear why corruption was not mentioned at all. It is the source of their livelihood and survival, both politically and financially. It is also interesting to remember that the infamous retreat took place soon after the PLE results had been released. As expected, the results from most schools under UPE (Universal Primary Enrolment) showed a disturbing performance.

I had expected the bull roasting ‘vultures’ to say something about the improvement of education. Instead, they busied themselves in scheming to catch the eye of the general for possible political and financial rewards.

Therefore, having critically observed the unbecoming and degrading behaviour of NRM MPs, both inside and outside Parliament, I am proposing an amendment to the 1995 Constitution, especially Article 80, by adding clause (1b) on Qualifications and Disqualification of MPs. This amendment is for NRM candidates only.

Article 80 (1 b): An NRM person is qualified to be a Member of Parliament if that person is:

A citizen of Uganda

A registered voter

Has completed a minimum formal education of USE (Universal Secondary Enrolment) or its equivalent because people who have betrayed Uganda are those with bachelors, masters and PhDs

Is irrational

Is unreliable

Is persistently inconsistent

Is dishonest

Is selfish

Is intoxicated with greed for power and money

Is corrupt in thought, word and deed

Is a double dealer

Is a sycophant, a bootlicker or kowtower

Is opportunistic

Is a liar

Is spineless

Has no integrity

Is good at heckling, especially in Parliament

Is insensitive to and takes pride in the suffering of the people

Does not respect the Constitution

Does not believe in rule of law but in rule by law

Is an aocate for the unity of East Africa while heshe champions the balkanization of Uganda into small tribal districts

Does not believe in the principle of separation of powers

Has insatiable demand for handouts from the authority

Is a perennial beggar from the authority

Believes in intrigue and cliques

Does not believe in democracy, good governance and Constitutionalism

Is a puppet

Already, the majority of NRM MPs have some, if not all, the above qualifications. For 2016, Ugandans need to know who is who before they cast their votes. This should be made clear in the NRM manifesto and in their campaigns so that voters make the right choices when voting. We are tired of lies and pretence.

The writer is a Catholic priest, a former CA delegate and a democracy activist.

Source : The Observer

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