Gashumba Talks Social Media Woes, Marriage

Quick Talk met Sisimuka’s Frank Gashumba on October 30 at Fairway hotel. Among the issues they discuss are Tecno-wielding, 10MB-buying senior citizens, who criticise young women on social media.

Gashumba is a man of many sharp words!

We also talk about his saying no-deal to Leila Hussein who wanted him to convert if they were to get married.

When and to whom were you born?

I was born in 1973 to Mr and Mrs Ntonio Kasumba.

Uuuuh, you are still quite young!

I’m not young. But did you think I was like Museveni?

Hahaha, of course not! He is 70. So where were you born?

Villa Maria, in Masaka district. That’s where civilisation started.

Haha, speaking of civilisation, I heard you were on TV last night (October 29) taking about people [in a not-so-civilised way] who were saying that your daughter had slept with Wizkid.

When I see false accusations on social media about my girl [Sheila Gashumba], I say this is a wasted generation. The youth in West Africa and Korea use social media to plan for their future. Those here use it to discuss Arsenal and Man-U, and for pornography.

Sheila uses social media to brand herself. Then you find people attacking her! Some could be 40 years they are senior citizens and are supposed to be in a zoo somewhere.


Yes. Those people have no work. They buy Techno smart phones, 10MBs and start abusing people. Because of the branding she has done, Sheila did some work for Centenary bank and was paid [Shs] 10m.

She also did work for Sylvia Owori and imports hair (extensions) from China. When I see how youth here use social media, I cry. [Gashumba shows Quick Talk a picture, posted on social media, of a man who is supposedly him and a local-looking woman taking beer with their legs slung over each other. Yeah, the picture can make an un-toughened person cry.]

I recently read that your girlfriend left you and got married to someone else.

Those are tabloids. At your age, is that news? But every loss is a lesson.

Haha, at my age? What lessons did you learn from your relationship with that lady?

Many things.

Such as?

Many. But what I can say is that she was a loyal, supportive girlfriend. Religion separated us. She said I had to change and I told her diiru awow’ekoma (that’s the end of the deal) [Gashumba is Catholic. Villa Maria-born duh!]

So, are you hopeful that you will get married one day?

Very. The hunt is on [Ladies, you’ve heard from the horse’s mouth]. But I won’t get married because I am lonely. I will do so when I get the right person.

Good luck in that hunt. Do you take alcohol?

No. I took it at university and blacked out and swore never to take it again.

What do you do to relax?

I like going to the gym and having massages or having a steambath. I also like going to quiet places or being with children.

Children are sweet, but massages?! Have you heard those stories about masseuses?

What stories?

That they do more than massage their clients.

That they have sex with them? Hakuna [no way].

Do you enjoy movies? They can be relaxing.

I don’t watch movies I don’t like fiction. I watch documentaries, not Rambo, Schwarzenegger and the Kardashians.The rich people I admire don’t watch doctored shows. I enjoy GPS [Global Public Square] it shows on Sunday on CNN.

Ok. But don’t worry, I don’t think anyone expects you to enjoy the Kardashians. What music do you like?

Ugandan. I believe Ugandans should listen to and promote their music.

That’s nice. Is there a nice Ugandan musician’s butt you would want to tap?


Yiyi, why not?

I have no time for that, naawe.

Hahaha, but you have a favourite news anchor, don’t you?

Frank Walusimbi.

What food do you most enjoy?

Kawunga [posho or maize meal]and peas.

What’s your favourite colour?


If you could change one event in history, which one would it be?

Ugandans’ mindset I would want them to know that everything is possible.

That’s not an event, but I will take it. This is the final question: If you were allowed only one memory, which one would you keep?

The day [Barack] Obama was elected [president of the USA].

Source : The Observer

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