Fufa must make Project Cameroon work

In the aftermath of the disaster that was our Afcon 2015 campaign, Fufa head Moses Magogo came out and delivered a candid assessment of why we failed. He said that we lacked many things, ranging from playing and coaching resources to facilities.
It was a familiar story line and most of what he pointed out would have been mundane and routine like something of an overused script if he didn’t cap it off with a suggestion to move forward and that is what I find refreshing.
This time round it appears there is an appreciation that it just isn’t enough to point our errors and apportion blame without suggesting solutions.
Mengo may just have realised that only a well measured effort will move us forward and out of the rut in which we have sat for 37 years.

So Fufa have set a target and called it Project Cameroon 2019.
It is not immediately clear what and how Fufa intends to perform on this project but they have called for a stakeholders conference at the end of January 2015 at which they hope to gather as many views as possible.
As a starting point however, I must admit that they have been quite honest with timelines by literally opting out of a qualification campaign to focus on reaching Afcon finals after a four-year preparation period. Some would argue that even then, this is still too short a period necessary to overcome our ills.
However four years or not this is where the theory should stop. In practice the actual agenda of this conference will be more important than the nobility of cause. I imagine it will focus on the areas of administration, coaching, motivation and infrastructure. I would however like that the matter of leadership be addressed too.
I know leadership is a funny animal for incumbents. In fact it doesn’t surprise me that it is missing from Moses Magogo’s list of prescriptions, because in politics to admit leadership failure is to self immolate. Still leadership remains the single thread that weaves together our collective shortcomings in football and a matter that must be addressed if we are ever going to qualify.

For instance leadership means we have the sensibility to use Fifa grants for what they are intended, because that way we shall not lack the facilities we badly need. It also means we must engage and harvest from corporate sponsors as opposed to frustrating them because then the welfare of our team shall not rely on the benevolence of loan sharks or the bonuses of our players on promises we are unable to keep.
It also means we must clean up the litter left behind by our football politics before we question the loyalty of the media and the patience of fans for this is what feeds their frustrations.
So now that we have a catchy project name and a realistic timeline let us build the processes and the policies to help us execute the project. And we ought to remember that no policy, process, or project is worth its name unless it has key responsibility persons that can be held fully accountable. It is a leadership challenge we need to address more than anything else here.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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