Four important general repairs

Keeping a car in good shape and working condition is mainly as a result of repairing it. Jude Katende explains the different general repairs you need to do.

A well-maintained vehicle lasts longer, keeps its value better and consumes less fuel. One key to keeping a car well-maintained is making regular visits to a qualified auto service technician to perform services, maintenance and repairs.
If you want to keep your car in top shape, follow these simple automotive repair tips by Frank Kirimanyi, a car mechanic based in Makerere. You will see why it is usually better to take your car to a professional as opposed to doing the work yourself.

Oil change
Regular oil changes will help to keep the engine operating at optimal performance. Taking your automobile to an oil change facility will usually cost you no more than doing the job yourself.
The oil change facility gives you the added benefit of checking other things for you as well, at no extra charge. These other checks include checking coolant levels, brake fluid, wipers and more.
This potentially saves you a great deal of money because they can catch problems such as low transmission fluids, which would end up being a costly repair.
Brakes have in-built devices that will make them squeal when they wear out. This device is in place to tell you to change the brakes now, not soon, as most people believe.
As soon as you hear the squealing, take the car to a brake repair specialist. A specialist can potentially save you a great deal of money by making sure the repair is correct.
They can also pinpoint other problem areas that you may not readily notice, such as bad brake lines and leaks.
Inspecting belts and wires
Properly inspecting belts, wiring and other components that can break down over time will also help you to save money. If you notice that wires or belts are cracking, take the automobile in to have them replaced before they break. In most cases, the break will occur at the worst possible moment leaving you to spend excess money on the repair because of towing.

Tune up
Take your car in for a tune-up about every 30,000 miles or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. In most cases, the mechanic performing the tune-up can save you a great deal of money by identifying and repairing potential problems. This could result in big savings for you by preventing damage to other components when a part goes bad.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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