Forum for Democratic Change activist Mugumya flown to Kinshasa

RUKUNGIRI- The Forum for Democratic Change activist, Mr Sam Mugumya, who the army said was arrested in DR Congo, has been flown to Kinshasa and is detained at the Congolese military intelligence headquarters.

The Ugandan army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, said the former aide to opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye was moved to the Congolese capital last week.

“Mugumya is being held at MI (Military Intelligence) headquarters in Kinshasa. But the other four colleagues are still in Goma,” Col Ankunda said.

The army says Mugumya and four others were arrested by Congolese soldiers in Kyesero, eastern DR Congo, and Uganda government says they were involved in subversive activities.

Mr Mugumya’s colleagues from Rukungiri District are Mr Aggrey Kakama, Mr Alison Kapesha alias Bright Nathan and Mr Sam Kamugisha.

The fourth is Mr William Mukiga, who is said to be from the same area but his family could not be traced. Their families confirmed their members had been missing for the last one month.

Ms Joyce Twikirize, the mother of Mr Kakama, said: “I got information from Sam Katikiri who is a parish internal security officer that my son was on the list of rebels arrested in Congo. He had been missing for a while.”
Mr Paul Katorogo, the father of Mr Kapesha, who is said to be held in Goma, said he learnt about the disappearance of his son mid this month.

“He wanted to join the army before (he went missing) and I told him to first complete his course at Kyamakanda Technical Institute. Even when he finished, he knew that I would not allow him to join the army. He decided to forge documents and joined the army. But some weeks later, I learnt that he had been arrested in Congo,” said Mr Katorogo, a church warden at Nyakabungo Church of Uganda.

The third suspect, Mr Kamugisha, was a casual worker.
He had been staying with his maternal uncle Mr Justus Baguma before he went missing.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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