For Sserunjogi, It is Better Late Than Never [analysis]

In this day and era where bold guests come wearing cleavage-bearing tight dresses and all sorts of attire for a traditional wedding, Godfrey Sserunjogi was one lucky groom.

All Sserunjogi’s guests came smartly dresses in Buganda’s ceremonial attire of kanzu and busuuti, as Prossy Nagawa introduced him to her family in Namataba, Kirinya last Saturday.

Sserunjogi showed up at 1:30pm in the accompany of his family and friends in a long convoy. Sserunjogi met Nagawa in 1987 during their school time in Bakawa College of Business. Shortly after studies Nagawa relocated to London and after six years she returned and reunited with Sserunjogi. The rest is history, as they say.

Godfrey Sserunjogi with his wife Prossy Nagawa

Sserunjogi now works with a clearing agency and the couple has two children. He describes his better half as a beautiful and hardworking lady.

Sserunjogi came with a 70-g entourage, amongst them businessmen Frank Gashumba, Bob Mugisha, and Musa Ssebaduka. Robert Wakabi told The Observer Sserunjogi is a good friend who has taken his time to legalise his 22-year-old relationship with Nagawa, “which is why we came in big numbers to give him support”.

Unlike your usual kwanjula, the couple’s entertainer of choice was Dan Mugula.


Sserunjogi brought Nagawa’s parents a Friesian cow, a fridge, 34 crates of soda, 20 crates of beer, two bags of sugar and rice, and 12 cartons of mineral water, among others.

Gashumba used the platform to make three strange points: one, to aise the Baganda to unite and embrace farming two, to urge voters to give MP Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda another term, and three, to announce Harriet Kisakye’s death, leaving everyone shocked.

At 7:25pm, the ceremony ended with cake and Sserunjogi promised a December church wedding.

Source : The Observer


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