First Lady Urges Women NGOs to Embrace Men Too

At a meeting in Mbale on Tuesday, the First Lady and minister for Karamoja Affairs, Janet Museveni, urged women organizations not to work in isolation.

“It is not wise to isolate women from the rest of the community and target them with interventions exclusive only to them. When we do this, then the men, the youths and even the leaders in that community feel entitled to ignore and even belittle such interventions, perceiving them as irrelevant to them,” she said during a regional conference for Women Public Administrators at Mbale Resort hotel.

The conference was organised by Action For Development (Acfode). The First Lady shared her experience and strategies used by her office to transform communities in Karamoja. She said Uganda would be better off now that Karamoja is richly endowed with minerals and is poised to join the mainstream development efforts.

The conference mostly discussed issues that affect women in administration. Speaking at the event, the executive director of Acfode, Regina Bafaki, said her non-governmental organization worked to promote women’s effective involvement in politics and decision-making through building the leadership capacity of potential female leaders at all levels.

Many speakers agreed that exploitation of women during recruitment and promotion, plus inadequate funding for women forums remained some of the biggest challenges for women in public administration. Mbale Woman MP Connie Galiwango urged the First Lady to continue raising women’s problems at the cabinet level. She said areas with women leaders had seen great progress with little corruption.

“Where we have a woman leader, there has been great progress. It is also evident that there is very little corruption,” Galiwango said.

At the same event, Ms Museveni handed over computers donated by the Indian Women Association (IWA) to women public administrators’ fora in Namutumba, Dokolo and Pader districts. The computers will help women interact more online.

Source : The Observer

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