FIFA World cup finals: Team Monitor Predictions

Brenda Banura (Rainbow Editor)
Prediction: Germany
Because a pretty good number of top players in decorated clubs hail from the country. They are like the heart and brain of football.

Fredrick Musisi Kiyingi (Deputy Sports Editor)
Prediction: Brazil
The Trophy will stay in South America and hosts Brazil to triumph.

Eunice Rukundo (Editor-Full Woman magazine)
Prediction: Germany
Passionate coach and president, a team that is arguably strong, and a thirst to claim what they narrowly missed out on the last time for motivation

Stella Kisakye (Ag. Head, Human Resources):
Prediction: Brazil
The trophy will stay in South America and Brazil will win it

Alex B. Atuhaire (News Editor)
Prediction: Germany
A looking weakened Germany is a dangerous tournament opponent. I am convinced they will thrive as outsiders to the favourities

Sharifah Nabasirye (administrator)
Prediction: Argentina
They are close to home so they are assured of moral support, there group doesn’t have a lot of competition and there lineup is good with a combination of Messi, Di Maria and Sergio Aguero they are void to take the world cup home

Yusuf Muziransa (Chief Photographer)
Prediction: Argentina
Argentina has the best attacking force in Brazil. Secondly, they have waited for so long and their main player Lionel Messi knows well that this is his only opportunity to be the best ever.

Mike Ssegawa (Features Editor)
Prediction: Argentina
Argentina will represent Latin Americans in the final. They have good talent and playing close to home will give them an aantage.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor