Fears About Entebbe Airport Are Dispelled

The Uganda Police has said Entebbe International Airport is safe and secure, dispelling earlier media reports that it’s at the mercy of terrorists.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said last week in a statement, “It is not true that the Inspector General of Police in his remarks while passing out 49 Aviation Security personnel at the Police Training School in Kabalye, Masindi said Entebbe International Airport was at the mercy of terrorists.” “The IGP upon congratulating the Civil Aviation Authority for their initiative to train and improve the capacity of its security personnel, noted that the airport was a vital installation with high value of human capital, goods, property, and wealth, which makes it attractive to criminals and terrorists. He added that terrorism was a reality and challenge as terrorists were getting more sophisticated.”

Enanga was responding to media reports that quoted the IGP of Police as having said that the Civil Aviation Authority technology is wanting.

Enanga said the IGP merely wanted the CAA to closely work with Police and other relevant security agencies to strengthen counter-terrorism measures at Entebbe and all other airfieldsaerodromes across the country.

“The IGP would therefore, like to reassure the public that Entebbe International Airport is very safe and secure,” Enanga said.

He said the absence of any terrorist attack at the airport has been due to an effective and elaborate safety and security arrangement that includes a combination of professional human capacity, popular vigilance through citizen activism, technical and the canine capabilities.

“Of course, like any other airport security, there may be technical weaknesses which were alluded to by the IGP and which the journalists could have misunderstood.

“There is however need for human capabilities and judgments to reinforce the technical area. This is the reason why the aviation security underwent basic training in counter terrorism measures to help predict moves of the terrorists,” Enanga said.

The IGP however stressed the critical need for the CAA to invest in special high tech equipment.

Source : East African Business Week

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