Fast Cars and Thirsty Kampalans Descend On Jinja

The Source of the Nile Rally 2015 took place on Saturday and Sunday with the sprint section at Jinja agricultural show ground. Business would have come to a standstill had it not been all about speed.

The sprint section, also known as the super special speed, is many people’s favourite as rally cars show how much preparation has been put in and also for fans to get a feel of what to expect from the long route.

Many rally fans stormed Jinja on Friday night and painted the town red in preparation for Saturday’s action, thanks to the long Easter weekend. Those who could not make it on Friday, Saturday morning found them on the road. Bikers and ‘Petrol Heads’ as some Subaru owners refer to themselves, took over the highway at breakneck speeds.

With the speeds, engine sounds and stunts, one would have thought Jinja town had become a set for the Ugandan version of Fast And Furious, of course without Paul Walker.

Inside the showground, rally fans took to the alcohol and nyama choma. The Motor Cross (MX) riders first had a taste of the circuit before the cars went flying by. Maxine Van Pee, the reigning MX champion, was the crowd favourite as usual.

Some of the action from Jinja rally

He knows how to pull in the crowds with those high jumps, wheelies and taking time to wait on his competitors before firing and overtaking them again. Finally, the cars were flagged off in the afternoon.

Fans clearly like different stuff about rallying while some stayed on the long stretch to see how fast the cars came hurtling down, others went down to the muddy side to have a glimpse of how they drifted in the puddles and put their wet surface tyres to test.

Because of time and the big number of cars, only one round was made. So, for those who just wanted to watch the sprint, travelled from wherever to Jinja to watch three minutes of their favourite rally driver.

Andrew Kananura of Desh Rally Team won the super special stage in three minutes and 28 seconds, while Arthur Blick won the overall rally in 1:48:39. The next event on the motor sport calendar is in Fort Portal.

Source : The Observer


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