Fashion – Your Guide to Choosing the Right Cardigan

Ever seen someone look so unflattering in a cardigansweater?

If you cannot look good in a cardigan, then you have a big problem. Only a few people pay attention when buying a sweater. A cardigan is like any other outfit maximum attention must be taken at the point of purchase and how to wear it.

For the stylish lady, you do not just pick any cardigan from your wardrobe without justifying why you want to wear that particular colour, and knit, length, among other things. Other than keeping you warm, a cardigan can be used to enhance your bust and waist.

It is important to know which type fits a given body shape. If you have the so-called hourglass figure, then a cardigan with waist detail is your ultimate choice. Define your waist further with a belt or by buttoning up the mid-section.

For those with a not-so-well-defined waistline, try out the waterfall cardigan. Depending on the texture, knit, design and colour, the waterfall can also seal a sexy look for any body shape. How high or low the buttons should be also depends on your bust. High button closures or simply open ones work for small busts while the larger ones are better off in low-buttoning cardigans.

If you are petite or figure ‘I’, go for the chunky knit but like the name suggests, it will make any other body shape appear chunky.

Given the unlimited options when it comes to this part of the wardrobe, take time to make your pick for the given weather and occasion.

Source : The Observer

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