Fashion – Watch Your Teenager’s Wardrobe

I attended a teenagers’ event over the weekend. I have been going to similar events for the past three years.

The dress code exhibited by these youngsters can be outrageous sometimes. The boys can get away with it, but not the girls. Where the boys decide to sag (balance) their pants or wear pieces made out of different fabrics and weird colours, the girls are all about exposing what their mamas gave them.

One look at her and you wonder how she even got to the venue. Does she even have parents or guardians? How did they let her get out of the house like that? Some know how inappropriately they are dressed and do whatever it takes to avoid the roving eye of the camera lens.

It has been discovered that they leave their homes decently dressed, but change in the washrooms before accessing the venues, looking all slutty. This means they have those uncool clothes somewhere inside the house.

As parents, you may be very busy, but being too busy to pay attention is breeding evil under your nose. The females in your daughter’s life should be exemplary in all ways, including how they dress. It is not a guarantee that she will copy her mother’s decent dressing, but at least she will have limitations.

So, be your girl’s fashion mentor. Help her make the right choices even when she may not agree totally. Finally, do random checks. You will find those skimpy shorts and shirts hidden somewhere in her room.

Take charge of what she wears. Do not let the TV and fashion magazines play role model for your teenage girls.

Source : The Observer

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