Fashion – Throw Neon Colours Into Your Dull Closet

It is autumn in Europe and temperatures are dropping.

But the designers there that influence most of our fashion, are releasing more and more colourful outfits. Unlike our European friends in fashion who have to wait for springsummer to enjoy the new collections, here we are, good to go.

It is warm here with Christmas fast-approaching and the carols already playing. It’s a great time to add a little more colour to your wardrobe as we welcome the colourful festive season. Neon still has a place in the season’s colour spectrum and the time is ripe to mix your neutral colours with the bright ones.

So, say good-bye to dull and boring colours and try some fresh, bright and bold colours. From clothes to shoes, bags or accessories, you can find almost everything in neon colours.

These colours range from orange, apple-green, seacrest-blue, to neon-blue, ice-blue, warm white, amber, clear bright yellow, neon pink, aqua and apricot, among others. The neon territory may seem hard for those who like to play it safe when it comes to their wardrobe, but here are a few tips.

The easiest way is to choose a pumped-up version of the colours you already like. If you look lovely in navy blue, try brighter neon-blue. Pair the neon with light-colour neutrals such as beige or white.

Try a hot-pink skirt and a simple white T-shirt, for example. Also take time to learn which neutral colour goes well with particular neon for example, electric-blue and grey. You can never go wrong with the right shoes brightly-coloured heels can turn a classic black and white outfit into that unexpected wow look.

Source : The Observer

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