Fashion – Strapless Gowns a Plus-Size No-No

Dear ladies who are about to walk down the aisle, please do us a favour.

If you know God was generous and endowed you with a full-blown bust, please do not wear strapless weddings gowns. Abeg-oo!

Half the time I have seen women wearing these gowns, their boobs are threatening to pop out. And let me tell you something, sometimes they actually do pop out.

This bride in church bent over to sign her marriage certificate and the boobs slipped out of the gown sending the maids of honour scampering to save her from embarrassment. Another time, a bride sneezed and the gown snapped and down came her boobs on full display. Remember that with these gowns, a bride does not wear a bra.

Not just that by the way, your choice of dress usually leaves the main celebrant, the reverend or pastor wedding you, sweating and trying to keep his eyes up as he avoids looking down on your display. In fact some churches consider this indecent dressing and do not allow brides to come wearing strapless gowns. They give a warning in aance.

All that aside, I think the gown itself is quite uncomfortable no matter whether you are a size 8 or size 18. You will spend the whole of your wedding day tagging and pulling it up just so it stays in place. Gowns have evolved find something with sleeves, something sleek that will not only make you look decent in front of your in-laws, but will also make you look fashion forward and give you comfort while you are at it.

Source : The Observer

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