Fashion – Stay Warm but Trendy

In this cold rainy season, one needs a companion to keep from freezing over.

Now I know that many women would really like to emulate the winter fashion we see on TV by wearing uggs, woollen jackets, leg warmers, gloves, ear muffs. But remember these are the tropics it will be cold only when it is raining.

But when the sun comes out, your feet will be too hot in those uggs, you will look ridiculous. Think about layering, instead.

For example, you can wear a vest, a blouse, a sweater and a jacket over your whole ensemble so that as the day goes by and it gets hotter, you can pull off one layer of clothes after another and by 4pm you will be down to your vest.

Pants are a great companion to have this rainy season but if you are not the kind to wear pants, then you can wear your skirts and opt to carry a shawl to cover your legs and keep warm. Scarves can also help your body retain heat and help you stay warm, so invest in at least three.

If your feet are too cold, wear a pair of socks to warm up. Or instead of rocking those open heels, put on a pair of closed shoes or pumps which will keep your toes warm.

Source : The Observer

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