Fashion – Short Hair Tougher to Keep

At what time of the century did short hair become harder to maintain than long hair?

The other day my hairdresser Janat, of Shades City salon on Tweese plaza, told me with short hair, I need to visit the salon at least thrice a week. Really?

Do I look like Sue Ochola De Roy?

All I needed was a short haircut which if I wake up in the morning I could just wash, pat dry and go. But noooo apparently with short hair, I have to spend more hours in front of the mirror trying to get it back in place. I figured maybe this guy thinks I wake up at 10am, get to town at 2pm to collect money from my handlers and then look for a salon to spend it in.

Turns out if you want this Rihanna-style short hair, you have to do daily rounds in the salon. So, those of you who, like me, want short hair, here are your options. If you are coming from permed hair and want to do manageable short hair, you have to cut off ALL of your hair and then start from the beginning and grow it again. This way you can either have natural hair or try the S-curl.

Otherwise if you are aenturous, then try the edgy rough distraught and coloured hair that looks unkempt. But I have to say, short hair rocks it shaves some years off your age.

However, make sure you take care of your face no blemishes. You have to wear jewellery to complement the look. With short hair, you cannot run away from make-up since your face will be all out and the only centre of attention. So, buy big chunky jewellery.

I am off to cut mine.

Source : The Observer

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