Fashion – Maria Kiwanuka’s Budget Look

Let me be honest, Maria Kiwanuka is not my favourite person this month.

In her budget unveiled last week, the Finance minister taxed not just our salaries, earnings and incomes, but everything under the sun including necessities such as salt, paraffin and sugar. That means half of yours and my salary is going into paying taxes so we can be able to tell those democracy-obsessed donors to keep their money.

So, we cannot be happy with Maria…

But if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we can hardly resist the smart fashionable woman that read the monster-budget. Hate her or like her, our Finance minister rocks – from her sublime accent, to her regal walk down the carpet to her dress choice.

In 2012, Maria chose a free fitting brown dress with gold detail. The dress, with full length sleeves, was just what you grandmother would want to see you in. I don’t know whether it was by chancebut her choice matched very well with the budget briefcase she was carrying.

Last year, she chose a black dress but added a Ugandan touch by emblemising the dress with lines of yellow and red fabric to match the black-yellow-red Ugandan flag. It is one of the best attempts I have seen of turning the flag into a fashion statement.

As if that wasn’t enough, this year she took it a step higher when she chose a black peplum dress but still representative of the Ugandan flag. This year, she chose yellow-embroidered sleeves that fell right below the elbow and a long free fitting skirt.

Ladies and girls, Maria, is our financial fashionista.

Source : The Observer

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