Fashion – Be Edgy With Backpack

Backpacks have been listed under some of those throwback trends from the ’80s and ’90s making a comeback. But have they ever left? I do not think so.

From school days to later in life when you need to carry a laptop, the rucksack seems to be the hard-to-ditch accessory. We all seem to have one slung over the shoulders. What is possibly new is how it has evolved for ladies’ fashion from the small leather rucksacks shaped like handbags, to actual backpacks that can best be described as man bags.

So, how do you carry one to office and still avoid looking off?

Simple. Have at least two. A floral one for the days you want more colour in your look and a neutral-coloured one. Artistes in Uganda have really taken time to create fashionable backpacks in the most trending African prints.

All you have to do is look around. Do not worry about the cushioning for your laptop the designers have made the bags with protection in mind. Do not get it twisted the rucksack is not only there to play second fiddle for your handbag carrying your more important stuff.

You can actually ditch the handbag for the rucksack, especially on a weekend or night out. This is definitely for the casual look and the options are limitless. There are as many variations in material used as there are colours and designs. Even the length of the straps will determine whether you want the bag to lie on your upper back or a little lower.

The principles of choosing the colours and designs to match your outfit still apply for the sexy backpacks.

Source : The Observer

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