Fashion – A Case of Indecent Exposure [opinion]

In late February, new Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi appointed eight women to a 16-member cabinet.

On their swearing-in day, they put on their Sunday best and got ready to take office. However, the Italian media was not convinced by their choice of outfits, with some calling on designer Giorgio Armani to come to their rescue.

Of the ministers, I really liked Maria Elena Boschi, 33, Minister for Relations with Parliament. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her piercingly bright blue trouser suit. But all hell broke loose when she bent over to sign, revealing her black lacy thong. Had that been in Kampala, I am sure business would have come to a standstill.

The story of the unflattering panty line has been told a million times and wearing this kind of underwear is a sure solution. But as they were making progress, low cut pants took over. When a lady wears a thong, G-string or whatever she chooses to avoids the pant line, the low-cut jeans expose her backside.

This is more common when they sit on a boda boda or even a chair. Do men find the ‘whale tail’ sexy? I think it depends on the setting so, it is better to cover up. It is important that you wear a belt and make sure your panty hem does not rise above your belt line.

Sit down, bend over, squat, and do other similar movements in front of a mirror to test whether or not your thong becomes visible. If it keeps recurring, try a different size or model and high-waist jeans. Or, you can wear an undershirt.

Always make routine subtle checks to avoid exposure of your under garments.

Source : The Observer


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