Fashion – a Bun or Hat for Your Box Braids

Salons are now hiring a hair stylist specifically to style box braids, because this hair is all the rage in town today.

Girls love their box braids really long sometimes you wonder how they manage to carry all that weight around all day. I had these box braids for about three weeks and when they were removed, I almost collapsed with relief when I stood up. It was like a load had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt light-headed.

Anyway, while on the hunt for a stylist, I came across this salon at Mabirizi Complex on Kampala road which specializes in styling box braids. The starting price was Shs 35,000. I thought he meant that this price included the braiding itself, but the guy said that was the cheapest for just styling. Seriously?

Styling should cost you about Shs 10,000. If you have weak hair, don’t try styling your box braids. Actually, don’t wear them at all because they will pull out all your hair. But if your hair is g enough, you can style your braids into different buns.

You can try a chic up-do bun or a high bun. High buns (or what they call the Kadash) can be bulky or more compact, loose or tight, simple or with elements of braiding. You can also style your braids into a pony tail and add accessories like a flower or scarf. Or you can part your hair in the middle and make creative twists.

Some women style their box braids to look like they are wearing a hat. While others look like they are wearing a gladiator helmet or a mohawk.

Source : The Observer

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