Family wants compensation for girl’s death in pit-latrine

NAMUTUMBA. The family of a 13- year-old girl who died in a school pit-latrine in Namutumba District is demanding compensation from the school and the district authorities.

The girl, Florence Kaudha, who was a pupil at Top Care Nursery and Primary School, died on November 11, after the floor of the pit-latrine in which she had gone to ease herself collapsed.

The officer in charge Namutumba Police Station, Mr Charles Wafula, who led a futile attempt to rescue the girl, told Daily Monitor that though the incident is still subject to an investigation, preliminary inquiries point to poor workmanship and negligence on the part of the school administration. “We observed that the foundation of the pit-latrine was very weak and we were informed that the structure had actually started caving in more than a month ago, but the administrators did not address the problem,” he said.

The father of the girl, Mr Patrick Kinobere, told Daily Monitor at his home in Nabitula village last week that both the school and the district authorities are to blame for the accident and should therefore jointly compensate him for the loss of his daughter.

“‘I want both the district and the director of the school to compensate me. My daughter has been a brave and intelligent girl who wanted to become a medical doctor. I have lost a medical doctor,” he said.

Action pending
It was not possible to talk to the managers of the school. Namutumba District education officer Henry Magona declined to discuss matters pertaining to the demands for compensation but vowed to take disciplinary action against the school’s administration for failure to avert the tragedy.

Mr Magona said in 2016, the education authorities will not allow any school that does not have well constructed pit-latrines to open.

The authorities, he said, will also be keen on ensuring that all schools meet the requisite requirements prescribed by the ministry.



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