Fake HIV Results Trial Starts

Court in Mukono has started hearing the case where a woman is facing charges of negligence and bribery, after she allegedly falsified HIV results of an undercover intending ‘bride’.

Jane Bukirwa, a lab attendant at Makula Nursing Home in Mukono, is accused of corruptly agreeing to take Shs 150,000 to state that an HIV-positive person was free of the virus that causes Aids.

Court presided over by Magistrate Roselyn Nsenge heard that on July 17, 2014, Health ministry officials launched an operation against unethical medical workers. Don Byakatonda and Annet Asiimwe pretended to be a couple intending to wed and went to Bukirwa for a blood test.

Bukirwa’s result form presented to court indicated that both Byakatonda, who is HIV-positive and on ARVs, and Asiimwe were HIV-negative. Magistrate Nsenge told court that this was a case of public interest, and urged police to investigate it thoroughly.

“This is not a simple case that we should joke around with.” Nsenge said. “I want to hear this case expeditiously. We trust medical officers because our lives are in their hands.”

The case was adjourned to December 8 for further hearing.

Source : The Observer

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