Facing challenges of sudden job loss

Towards the end of March 2015, news emerged that Tullow Oil Uganda and Africell Uganda had lain off several staff.

Many people find job loss a very painful experience either because of the way the layoff is handled or because of the level of personal unpreparedness.

During my first and only employment, the company was closed down and all employees were given five minutes, yes 1, 2,3,4,5 minutes to clear our desks and vacate the premise never to return again!

It took eight years of protracted legal battle to get our terminal benefits which was paid at the rate obtaining at the time of closing.
From my experience and from the experience of clients I have counselled I have learnt that losing a job means more than losing the opportunity to earn a salary.

Loss of employment often is accompanied by loss of a structured purposeful life as a working person.

Without a job what is the motivation for waking up early, for taking a morning bath, for interacting with work colleagues and clients?
All these things that the employed take for granted disappear when the job is gone.

Even though many jobs are now on contract basis, there is a shocking level of unpreparedness for life after employment on the side of both employers and employees.

More enlightened employers nowadays offer retirement planning training or counselling to their staff before the end of the employment contract.

Preparedness for end of employment involves different elements. There is the financial readiness, that is, how the employed person can sustain his or her standard of living even when the salary stops coming in.

There is the social preparedness, to be able to have a meaningful social life outside work circles.

Thirdly, there is the emotional preparedness to find purpose and fulfilment in something else other than employment.

Let me express the whole article in a sentence. The best time for an employee to start preparing for the end of the job is the moment they get an appointment letter.

James Abola is a business and finance consultant.

Email: james.abola@akamaiglobal.co.uk

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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