Eyes on musical prize

In her latest song, Like Tattoos, produced at Badi Studios, Makindye, the soothing melodies and harmonies in this soft urban reggae track depicts a promising singer.
Her name is Pierra Akwero. With her stage name, Pierra Music, this female artiste reveals how she has been studying the music industry for the past 12 years. “In 2012, I joined the music industry proactively. All I did was study the art, what sells and what doesn’t in the music industry,” the soft spoken Akwero- says.
For the past 12 years, she has recorded only three songs, all masterpieces, but why isn’t she known? “I don’t think I needed exposure when I was still setting a foundation for my music. The songs I recorded were not rushed that is why they are of good quality,” she boasts.
Perhaps during her 12 years of study, Pierra realised the secret of producing music that will cross borders. This is depicted in one of her tracks, Anyaka (an acholi word that means ‘girl’), an afropop song that sees the singer fuse African instruments a sound of sanza is blended by that of the ivory horn plus a mix of urban beats. This make a song rich with melodious African-urban content. In the chorus of this song, Pierra sings in Acholi, her native language.
So why aren’t these songs receiving airplay? “As I said, I was studying the industry and I think this is the time for me to release my works since I am now conversant with the whole music industry business,” she says.
The 27-year-old divulges “I sing about love, emotions and basically anything positive and fun. In most times, I draw my inspirations from things that affect peoplearound me,” she explains.

Doing music through modelling
Besides music, Akwero also does professional runway modelling. The many gigs she has got have aided her get enough funds for her music production. “I pay my studio fees and video production using the money I get from modelling ,” she says.

How she spends most of her time
If Akwero is not on the runway modelling, she is definitely in the studio listening to artistes’ projects and working on her own. “I spend quite a lot on production in order to release good quality work that will be consumed by the whole continent and world over,” she says.

How she promotes her music
Akwero hadn’t started doing a lot of music promotion but now that she is set to concentrate on her music career, professionally, she reveals some of the avenues she plans on using to promote her music. “Social media play a big role these days so through my Soundcloud and Reverbnation account, I shall upload my music to those channels and share them on my fanpages on Facebook and Twitter. I will also do music distribution in various media houses to get airplay,” she shares her music distribution strategy.
Akwero hopes to collaborate with artistes such as Cindy, Radio and Weasel and A Pass. “I am already working with A Pass. He is writing my next song which I am set to record in the same studio where I recorded my latest single, Like Tattoos,” she reveals.
With her vocal prowess, and style of music, Akwero is the next big female artiste to look out for next year.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor