Explosions, gunfire rock Nigeria’s Damaturu city, residents say

Masaka- The leader of the Tabliq sect (Amir-Umah), Sheikh Muhamad Yunus Kamoga, has dismissed claims by a section of Tabliqs that passed a vote of no confidence and dismissed him last week.

“The meeting in which I was purportedly relieved of my duties was not convened by the secretary general yet according to our principles, the secretary general is the right person to call a meeting to decide on such sensitive issues,” Sheikh Kamoga said.

“I want to assure you that I am still the legitimate leader and nobody should go by an illegal decision reached by a small illegal group,” he added.

Sheikh Kamoga made the remarks in Masaka District at the weekend where he presided over the closure of a two-day national Muslim seminar, opened Arahamah Medical Centre and launched a fund-raising drive.

Last week, a section of the sect’s executive committee in Kampala passed a vote of no confidence against the sheikh accusing him of being dictatorial and arrogant.

Sheikh Swidiiq Ndaula, the chairperson of the executive committee, said members had elected Dr Haruna Jjemba, a Makerere University don, to serve as new Tabliq leader.

Calls for unity
Sheikh Kamoga urged Muslims to unite and avoid wrangles.
“Some of us blame President Museveni for not giving enough ministerial jobs to Muslims, but we fail to realise that since we are so disunited, the President is not quite sure if he will not annoy this section or that by appointing a particular Muslim to a post,” he said.
Sheikh Abudallah Mutazindwa, the chairperson of the board of governors for the centre, told his counterpart that Muslims in Masaka would continue to recognise him as their legitimate leader.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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