Ex-URA Employee Dares Kadaga in Kamuli

Mwesigwa is ready to take on Kadaga for Kamuli Woman MP seat

With the 2016 parliamentary elections months away, Deborah Mwesigwa Mugerwa, a former employee of Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), says she is ready to dethrone Speaker Rebecca Kadaga as Woman MP for Kamuli district.

Mwesigwa, 48, told The Observer last week that she believes now is the time for Kadaga to give way. Kadaga has been Woman MP for Kamuli since 1996. She also represented the district in the National Resistance Council (NRC) between 1989 and 1994.

A member of the NRM, Mwesigwa says her main goal is to unite the people of Kamuli, who have suffered because of political wrangles amongst the political leaders.

“There are so many conflicts among the leaders in the district. This has affected the development prospects of the district,” Mwesigwa said.

She hopes to take on Kadaga in the primaries and if she loses in a fair manner, she says she will support the winner. If there is any form of foul play, she says she will challenge the results.

Mwesigwa says she is aware that Kadaga is a prominent politician with a wealth of political experience, and acknowledges that the speaker has the aantage of the power of incumbency. But losing is not part of her game plan.

I have done informal political surveys and people are yearning for fresh leadership. Many have approached me to take on the mantle and I cannot let them down,” she says.

Mwesigwa’s other goal is to mobilise women and youth for economic development as a way of fighting poverty. She says that much as the central government has sunk a lot of money into projects aimed at ridding the district of poverty, there is little or no change.

She also decries the high school dropout rate of especially girls at primary and secondary levels in the district.

“My plan is to work with leaders at all levels such that together, we can identify the challenges and we find solutions to our problems,” she said.

Mwesigwa spent 22 years at URA and retired last May. She worked as a tax enforcement officer at the revenue body.

Source : The Observer