Ex-MP Lubyayi regrets supporting land law


Former Mawokota South MP John Bosco Lubyayi has apologised to residents for supporting a land law that pitted government against Buganda Kingdom.

Mr Lubyayi defended his then stand on the controversial Land Amendment Act 2010 even when Mengo establishment officially opposed it.

While addressing members of the Ekiganye Development Group (EDG) in Buwama Subcounty, Mpigi District, on Monday, Mr Lubyayi said some of the decisions he made then were beyond his control as a legislator since he was bound by the official NRM party.

“Why do you punish me to the extent of hating me like this?” Mr Lubyayi asked.

Mr Lubyayi recalled that as MP, together with other NRM legislators during the eighth Parliament, supported and endorsed the controversial Land Amendment Act 2010 in a record 90 minutes. Only three lawmakers did not support the legislation.

Although government insists that the new law was to protect tenants from illegal evictions, critics led by Buganda accused government of trying to use the legislation to allow squatters and land grabbers to settle on the kingdom’s 9,000 square miles.

The Mawokota South residents accused Mr Lubyayi of defying the Mengo establishment, saying it was a sign of disrespect to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

During the 2011 campaigns, Mr Lubyayi also saw his opponents de-campaign him for not supporting Buganda issues whenever they were brought to Parliament.

Mr Ibrahim Mukasa, one of the residents said, Mr Lubyayi’s apology had been overtaken by events and the law he supported has caused more harm than good to the people in the area.

“Why is he coming out now to apologise for something he did seven years ago? Where has he been all along? His tricks are too childish to be believed and will not entice us to give up support for our MP Kiyingi to support him,” Mr Mukasa said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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