Eric Omondi Returns to Crack the Country

Back in May, Kenyan standup comedian Eric Omondi was in Kampala for two shows, and boy, did he crack up the crowd that flocked to Laftaz Lounge at Centenary park.

At the time, Omondi was doing a US tour, which he says was very successful and he happened to be in Kampala because he was on a break. As you read this, Omondi is already in the country, having arrived last evening and is set to rock the eastern part of Uganda along with The Crackers comedy outfit that consists of Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi, Alex Muhangi, MC Kapale, Ronnie MacVex and Afande Kele Kele.

Omondi will be at Laftaz Lounge, Jinja and then on Saturday the entire team will go to Wash and Wills hotel in Mbale, all courtesy of Mirinda. Berna Kizza, the Mirinda brand manager, told The Observer, “We have a lot of comedy in Kampala and so we wanted to have people upcountry experiencing something new with a comedian that they have never seen before, and Eric was just the guy”.

It is not only the people in Jinja and Mbale that will be laughing. Omondi will have another show at The Heat in Mbarara on October 4. He will be preparing for Africa Laughs Comedy show that will have eight different comedians from around the continent. Though the organisers are yet to release the names of the comedians, the show is set for October 24.

Source : The Observer

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