Equip all technical institutes well

The months of October and November have been filled with graduation ceremonies held by various universities. I congratulate all our students who have struggled to complete their studies in different fields. The cartoons which were published in Daily Monitor of November 13 and 17 convey a challenging message to our students and the education planners.
The November 13 cartoon was about an outdated curriculum which is responsible for channelling out graduates who are: half baked, lack practical skills, etc. Then, the cartoon of November 17, showed a line of graduates leaving Nkozi University waiting to enter the world of employment. Ahead of them was a dark tunnel which they had to cross. I think, this meant these students will find it tough to get employment opportunities despite their academic achievements. Indeed, many universities in Uganda have channelled out many graduates but many of them find it hard to find employment because they are mainly trained in while collar jobs.
In order to solve this challenge, I suggest we emulate Germany in promoting technical and vocational education. I recently visited that country and I noted that many of its youth join technical and vocational institutes after completing the first cycle of their secondary education.
They specialise in courses such as building, mechanics, car assembly, plumbing, ship building, electrical engineering, agriculture, etc. As a result, Germany is one of the countries in the world with a small percentage of unemployment.
I call upon the Ministry of Education and Sports, to quicken the plans of renovating and rehabilitating technical and vocational schools and institutions. Let the ministry equip these institutes with the necessary tools and also redesign the syllabus and curriculum. The ministry should also make sure that other values like discipline, morality and modern communication especially in English and Swahili and entrepreneurship are taught.
With the recently released information of the population of Uganda, where majority are youth, we need to properly plan for them by equipping them with practical skills. This is mainly possible through promoting technical and vocational education.
Leonard Kakinda,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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