The Bad Santa’s Christmas sack is coming but this year it is not only the usual suspects who are feeling the big chill.
Now, if not facing festive dismissal quite yet, one or two of the big boys are beginning to sense that the skids could be under them.
Who would have thought that Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers would be planning extra helpings not of turkey and Christmas pudding but hard tack.
The fans, let alone the directors of Arsenal can see that this team are, quite literally, defenceless. Even the most respectful of former players are beginning to query why the manager has not bought top-class centre-backs. If Liverpool lose and slump even further adrift of leaders Chelsea – the carrion will make a meal of Rodgers. If so, that feast will come early. Rodgers was so recently hailed as the saviour of Anfield that a descent into doubt this soon seemed impossible. He is bringing it in part upon himself. Far be it from a sportswriter to aise a manager to turn off the quotes tap but Rodgers really needs to put thinking time between brain and mouth.
Nor, judging from his jocular appearance at subsequent training, does he understand even now the implications of a club of Liverpool’s European pedigree playing for damage limitation rather than glory.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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