Emulate Magufuli on spending, UPC tells Museveni

Kampala- The Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) faction led by Lira Municipality MP Jimmy Akena has asked government to emulate the newly elected Tanzanian president John Magufuli in reducing unnecessary wastage.

Mr Magufulu’s raft of measures to curb what he sees as wastage of public funds has earned him admiration regionally. Among the reforms he had initiated include cancellation of the December 9 Independence Day celebrations and aised that the money be used to pay debts.

Speaking at their weekly press conferences in Kampala yesterday, UPC secretary general Edward Segganyi said Uganda should adopt Mr Magufuli’s radical reforms in order to ensure economic growth and development.

“Most of the reforms done by the Tanzanian president should also be applied here in Uganda because we are facing the same challenges,”Mr Segganyi said.

However, the executive director of the Uganda Media Centre, Mr Ofwono Opondo, defended government spending policies. “Celebrating national days is not wastage of government funds because you are raising awareness on certain issues,” Mr Opondo said.

“On the issue of international travel, people must travel because they have to see what is taking place in the whole world. The only problem is excessive and abusive international trips,” he said.



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