Emulate Jinja bridge project engineer on diligence, honesty

The story titled, “New Jinja bridge behind schedule, says minister” in Daily Monitor of April 23 caught my attention and I read on with profound interest wanting to see what other excuse there could be.
This time round, I was caught unawares, having hoped for the usual scenarios with government projects which are often marred with unexplainable irregularities and scapegoats. The bridge is most likely to fall short of the finish date, Prof Jackson A. Mwakali, the deputy resident engineer, sighting ‘the biggest hardship in finding recommended standard building materials’ a cardinal contributor.
Whereas we should always have thorough planning that provides for such eventualities, I respectfully applaud Prof Mwakali for making that revelation. I commend him for his will to finish the job with excellence, not entertaining substandard work to taint his effort. I also admire the fact that he is pro-environment ensuring that at the site, water used by workers is cleaned up first before releasing it into the river.

Politicians ought to emulate such decision makers. We need such patriotic people in our nation. I must say he is cut from a different ‘piece of cloth from the kind.
How I pray more nation builders crop up who are less minded about popular politicking but are focused on getting the job done.
A little delay on account of quality infrastructural development is reasonably acceptable.
Joseph Willigers,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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