Employers should provide baby day-care facilities

Work places should have baby facilities if mothers are to continue in productive employment. The rural mothers go to gardens with their children and I see no reason why employers cannot provide facilities for pre-school going children.
The maid who nearly killed a on and a half-year-old girl has exposed child torture in its naked and blatant form. Police have revealed that in extreme situations, maids or helpers suffocate babies, stuff them in fridges, inject them with blood infected with HIV, sexually molest them, etc.
The majority of our people cannot afford CCTV cameras. We need employers to provide day-care facilities at work. There is no way the mothers will work comfortably when they fear that their children are being abused at home.
Government should in addition consider investing in affordable day-care centres for workers. The police have come out with a good initiative of background checks on maids but they should emphasise the role of my brothers’ keeper so that every resident is on the look out for what happens in the neighbourhood because even the parents wantonly abuse their children.
Samuel Mweru Byachi,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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