Empire of Tora and Choreography of Fairies

When Ibrahim Nsubuga launched his latest fine art exhibition at Afriart gallery in Bukoto on April 2, he did not expect it to seamlessly sink in.

The exhibition, dubbed Empire Of Tora and Choreography Of Fairies ,was not something one could easily relate to, let alone not find so abstract. For, wherever the Empire of Tora could be, only God knows!

However, Nsubuga set the record straight, saying it was a creation of his imagination a tagline of work done over a period of three months to celebrate contemporary dance.

Whereas the write-up by Nsubuga to explain his latest works was, his sense of message was never lost. In many of the paintings he showcased on canvas, one sticking message pierced through: happiness.

“Dance is a key aspect in moments of joy. And that is what I aimed to portray,” Nsubuga told The Observer, as revellers ogled his collection.

The collage of colours used by Nsubuga came a long way in raising the public appeal for his work. With well-arranged and well-calculated paint brush flows, Nsubuga, 28, showed he is clearly a man with talent and an undying zeal to make some of the most respected art works.

Paintings of dancing trios and even those of four tangle on the canvas, as do the ones of individuals in single shots, doing the ballet. These are an undoubted highlight of what Nsubuga decided to draw and add colour.

However, while it may be hard to clearly make sense of most titles to the paintings that Nsubuga chose given his oversized sense of thought and imagination and also influenced by his background of being a writer, the life oozed by his art, is probably what will matter most to whoever chooses to visit the gallery to see his work.

There is so much life in Nsubuga’s Empire of Tora, with images painted in a way that they appear to be in motion. That is a stand-out mark for Nsubuga but also a technique he is humbled by because viewers of art always want art relevant to their day-to-day lives.

Yet Nsubuga did not only do paintings. Some of his art pieces are thanks to a plain pencil. One such pencil drawing is Nsubuga’s favourite. It is of a woman doing a ballet dance squatting while one is arm raised.

Empire of Tora is another celebration of dance, which you can view before April 22 when the exhibition ends.

Source : The Observer


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