Empire creators suit for stealing idea

For series fans, Empire is no foreign show –unless you have been leaving under a rock. Bootleggers are selling copies of the series like hotcakes so you will understand why someone wants to sue the show’s team.
Empire creator Lee Daniels and star Terrence Howard have been sued by a self-described “known ghetto player” for allegedly stealing the idea for the hit show.
Ron Newt is seeking $1 billion in damages in the lawsuit that claims the Fox show was based on the documentary Bigger Than Big about his life as a ‘gangster, pimp and drug dealer,’ according to an article on Wednesday by TMZ.
The lawsuit alleged that Newt met with Howard, 46, a while back at a Four Seasons hotel and they discussed the documentary chronicling Newt’s journey from the rough Hunters Point area of San Francisco.
Newt claimed in the lawsuit that Howard connected to the story and said he wanted to play him in a film.
Empire debuted in January to huge ratings and Newt alleged there were numerous similarities between his documentary and the show.
The lawsuit alleged that both Empire and Bigger Than Big featured the killing of four drug dealers and both included the use of a round table.
Newt, who was known as Prince Diamond, shot his friend, while Howard’s character Lucious Lyon also shot his long-time associate, according to the lawsuit.
The lawsuit also pointed out that Cookie Lyon, portrayed by Taraji P. Henson, was sent to jail on drug charges much like China Doll in the documentary was imprisoned and both characters were later released.
The China Doll character was also fond of hats similar to Cookie’s character on the Fox show.
Bigger Than Big touches on Newt’s four sons who performed together as The Newtons.
Empire focuses on the relationship between Lyon and his three sons, including singers Jamal and Hakeem and their oldest brother Andre.
The lawsuit also included Empire co-creators Daniels, 55, and Danny Strong, 40, as defendants.
Empire was a breakout mid-season hit for Fox and its season one finale in mid-March drew 16.7 million viewers.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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