Embrace change to keep ahead

Q. What do you see as your lasting impact on your chosen industry?
A. Setting pace in as far the Banking industry is concerned has been key for us as Bank and to me personally in financial reporting.
The Institute of certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU)an attest to the level of skill and compliance I have demonstrated which the industry has to emulate.

Q. If you had the power, what would you change in the industry?
A. Perhaps I could lure more banks to participate in the fire awards to further assure the investors of the level of disclosure provided to them. Probably ICPAU may have to consider partnering with donors to have these awards accompanied by financial incentives.
Q. If you could do it all over again, would you do it differently?
A. Definitely because keeping within the top three banks in the industry requires doing things differently and copying with the new changes in the finance discipline. It’s not likely that you will keep ahead of the others unless you embrace change.

Q. PostBank Uganda (PBU) emerged among the best three banks for heeding best international practices concerning financial reporting. How did you make it?
A. We have kept on improving in all areas that would make us better. We accept feedback whenever it comes and we work on our gaps then wait to see what the outcome would be. The first time we participated we didn’t win anything but rather got a report calling for improvement. We then did our home work very well and these are the lasts we are seeing today.

Q. How do you relax when you are off work?
A. I like jogging and engaging in CRS activities as well as spending time with family.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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