Elections require a lot of funding, says Museveni

Many ongoing road and power projects as well as the upcoming national elections require a lot of funding, President Yoweri Museveni has said.
The president noted that once these are dealt with, there will be increased budgeting for the wealth creation campaigns such as the National Agricultural Aisory Services (NAADS) programme.
The president further said government was not able to procure and avail seedlings to cover all homesteads in the country because of the many overlapping national priorities and projects amidst a limited and strained budget. He however pointed out that the process is gradually being rolled out to cover the whole country.

This, he said while clarifying on the government’s deliberate decision to dedicate much of the resources under the NAADS to the procurement and distribution of cash crops such as coffee, tea, oranges and mangos.
The President further noted that fewer funds were allocated to the procurement of seedlings of other crops such as beans, maize and cassava.

He said due to this deliberate policy decision by the government, the seedlings of the non-cash crops that have been distributed this season have not been enough and can’t cover many homesteads country wide. This, he said, has generated concern within the population. He appealed to citizens to bear with the government and the implementing officers.
The President made the clarification in a statement he issued at his country home in Rwakitura, Nyabushozi county Kiruhuura district, shortly after attending Easter prayers at St. Luke Nshwere Church of Uganda.
He noted that for this agricultural season and the coming season, emphasis will be put on availing and promoting cash crops which he said once successfully promoted, they will make a great impact on the economy.

He noted that after covering most of the country the government will then increase funding for other agricultural sectors such as poultry, piggery, and dairy farming as well as micro-finance services.
Mr Museveni noted that for this agricultural season, government will distribute 37.6 million seedlings of coffee, 28 million tea seedlings, 2.8 million orange seedlings, 1 million seedlings of mangos, 2 million seedlings of cocoa and 3 million seedlings of pineapples.
He said the government will also provide 760,000 banana suckers, 800,000 cassava stems, 5000 cows, 5000 goats and 2000 piglets.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor



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