Egypt owes Uganda, says envoy

stronKampala- stronThe Egyptian Ambassador to Uganda, Mr Ahmed Abdel Aziz Mostafa, has lauded Uganda for its support during the June 2013 Egyptian revolution which later saw the country vote into power Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as its eighth president.

Mr Mostafa made the comments on Wednesday evening while addressing guests during a reception at his residence in Kololo, Kampala to mark the different Egyptian revolutions in particular, the 1952 revolution.

“Therefore, as President El Sisi declared during the African summit in Malabo that Egypt will never forget every friendly nation which stood by her,” he added.

The 2013 revolution gave then president Muhammed Morsi a one-month ultimatum to resolve Egypt’s political crisis and paved way for changes in the constitution.

The reception also celebrated the 62nd 1952 revolution which saw the overthrow of the monarchy and Egypt become a republic about a year later with its first president Muhammad Naguib.

“With these events, the Egyptians have firmly declared their intentions to control their own fate and seek a better standard of human wellness. These decisions sent a clear message to the entire world that changes can be achieved if there is real will,” Mr Mostafa said.

During a televised broadcast in Egypt to mark the 1952 revolution yesterday, President El-Sisi re-echoed calls for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. He declared the willingness of Egypt to open her border and allow aid into Gaza as the conflicting parties negotiate.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor