Education ministry’s 24 lessons per week policy unrealistic

I was amused when I read in the Daily Monitor of November 13 that the Ministry of Education and Sports announced ‘new rules’ for teachers to teach a load of 24 lessons a week. The ministry’s action indicated it was unaware that the curriculum for several subjects has a ceiling.

For example, a school with one stream per class, from Senior One to Four, a teacher can only handle a maximum of eight lessons a week for that subject. But schools with three streams per class from Senior One-Four, one teacher has 24 lessons for that subject.

The situation is not any better at A-Level where one teacher mostly teaches a paper of three to four lessons a week. Notably, a teacher who teaches only A-Level will not be able to raise the 24 lessons.

The ministry should be aware that though teachers qualify in two teaching subjects, nearly every teacher today specialises in one subject for efficiency and effectiveness.

Importantly, National Curriculum Development Centre is currently fine tuning a curriculum reform due in 2017 aimed at reducing the workload of the teachers and students by emphasising largely a more flexible student-centred learning approach. In contradiction, the ministry is dusting outdated rule book for heavier workload for teachers.
Glen G Busuulwa.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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